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unique hotels of the world

Sydney, Australia now host a truly unique hotel that goes along with one of the hottest current trends – love for Instagram! Designed with the modern, photography-loving traveler in mind 1888 Hotel was named in honor of the year in which Kodak has launched its first box-camera. The whole idea of the hotel as well as its interior appeals to this social network addicts.

The hotel boasts many old-world decorative elements—exposed brick walls, original ironbark beams, and furniture made of recycled wood—but its 90 rooms are decorated with Instagram photos taken by their guests. On the ground floor visitors are greeted by a digital mural that displays even more guest-taken images. Upon check-in guest can “sign” papers with his own Instagram pic. Besides, experienced Instagrammers with over 10 000 followers are granted a free overnight at the hotel. Otherwise a cost of a living at the hotel starts from $ 155.

Company 8Hotels that operates 1888Hotel complex has spent two years $30 million to create this unusual hotel. And I’m pretty sure they have chosen a good business idea – hoteliers know that guests can be obsessive about posting and documenting their stays and Instagrammers are the most obsessive of them all. So thus hotel has ensured itself a truly massive free of charge advertising in social networks. A nice try and let’s see how their business goes! And it should go well as this is truly one of the most unique hotels of the world, if we speak about unique places, not weird.

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