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muslim business

In the end of 20th century the whole Western world experienced a new phenomenon – global migration of people from Asian and African regions to US and Europe. This process has significantly impacted the „religious face” of Western countries – now, apart from traditional Catholics, Orthodox, Lutherans and other Christian religions, another religion took an important place in Western society. And this religion is Islam. Many European and American cities now have huge communities of Muslim citizens who significantly influence the market. Muslims have their own strict set of rules and traditions that dictate certain way of life. And Western entrepreneurs learn to provide these people with services and goods that would be in line with their religion. Here come several interesting Muslim business ideas that you can adopt for your own company!

Abdelaziz Aouragh , 29, an entrepreneurs from Amsterdam, Holland, opened an adult store for Muslims El Asira. He is selling massage oils, lubricants, essential oils and aphrodisiacs that have been approved by Islamic scientists. This adult store with a touch of Sharia had a huge success. Abdelaziz Aouragh explains the success of his young project: “We do not see ourselves as a sex shop, on the contrary, we declare ourselves as a private safe place where Muslims who live according to the rules of Sharia can find quite intimate products. And do that without much publicity.” El Asira provides all the norms of privacy and security for their clients, men and women get registered in totally different directories.

Another Muslim business idea lies in the market of consumer goods. According to statistics, more than 70% of Muslims follow Islamic law and do not buy traditional European food. This is a huge consumer market for food manufacturers, but not only … Canadian entrepreneur Layla Mandi, who recently converted to Islam, have noticed one interesting business niche.

As a makeup artist, she decided to open her own line of cosmetics for Muslims. All OnePure line products are made of ingredients that were authorized by Koran. They do not contain alcohol, animal (in particular swine) extracts and other ingredients that are prohibited by Islam. OnePure cosmetics for Muslims is sold in Souk al Bahar shopping mall in Dubai, as well as on board of Saudi Airlines aircrafts, and through an online site. Currently, the company is negotiating the distribution of cosmetics for Muslims through the largest hotels in the world. And up-to-date plans of OnePure include the opening of their own shops and spas, as well as a launch of new series of products for men.

All of these ideas for business were inspired by certain restrictions of Islam. And, as there are much more similar restrictions in this religion, there are much more ideas out there to use!

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