Interesting business niche – shoes for coloring

interesting business niche

We all need a bit of creativity in our lives! Even if you don’t have any talent in painting, sculpting or other arts, you still show the creative part of your personality in the everyday life – create beautiful outfits, decorate your home, invent new unusual dishes and much more. But sometimes we need a bit of extra help to let this creativity out and American company Bobbi-Toads decided to help their customers with this. They have occupied a very interesting business niche which hasn’t been discovered before.

Bobbi-Toads hopes that parents who do not encourage their young daughters to use make-up and nail polishes, will be happy to show them another way to express their personality – by coloring their shoes.
Bobbi-Toads footwear is designed for young fashionable girls with a penchant for creativity. Shoes of this brand are available in different designs and colors, but they all have one thing in common – the cap of the show is made with special rubber with design that imitates toes and nails. Children can paint “nails” with special Bobbi-Toads nail polish for a custom look every day. Nail polish can be easily removed with Bobbi-Toads nail polish remover.

Nail polish is available in 10 different colors and is sold via Bobbi-Toads website for $ 8 per bottle. As the product is aimed at children, both nail polishes and the polish remover are perfectly harmless: non-toxic, does not have a strong smell, hypoallergenic, etc. The cost of one pair of Bobbi-Toads shoes is $49.95 and they come in sizes 11 through 5.

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