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On this blog I have lots of different types of business idea – from women business to high tech, from restaurant business to ideas for pet business. This last category haven’t been updates for quite a long time as it’s not that easy to find truly winning pet business ideas. But this time I was lucky enough and found three unusual ideas instead of one! Three unique gadgets that quickly conquered the market.

1. Fling ama string

pet business ideas

Great little battery-operated cat toy that will entertain even the most sluggish kitty. A personal trainer from your pet! Elastic belt continuously rotates from top to bottom, flinging the long, colorful, sewn-on string. Once your cat lets go of the string, the belt automatically starts to rotate again. Convenient on/off speed control slide allows you to switch between two different speeds (fast and slow) to satisfy the frisky or faint feline. Easily hangs on any standard doorknob with included metal S-hook hanger. Black elastic belt at bottom secures toy firmly to door, so toy doesn’t bang against or damage door. The toy has 2 speeds to satisfy both active or lazy cat.

2. Flightsuits – bird diapers

pet business ideas

FlightSuits are cleverly disguised, soft, stretchy, reusable pet bird diapers. Suits are made of a durable, reuseable material and are non-restrictive, easily on and easily off with velcro fastneners. The patented “poop-pouch” helps to keep droopings away from the bird and away from clothing during travel. You can also buy special flight liners or diapers, which can be used inside the flight suits and are easily disposable. Choose from different designs, materials and styles. The best thing about this products is that you can give your caged bird freedom around the house without worrying about droppings on furniture, drapes, and carpets.

3. Pet Porte Smart Flap

pet business ideas

An innovative cat flat designed to allow your cat easy access to the outside world whilst keeping other animals out of your house. Unlike other cat flap products, Pet Porte do not require your animal to wear any collar. The Pet Porte cat flap uses patented technology and works with the microchip that vet has implanted within your cat. Whenever your animal is under the porch of the cat flap, the system will scan the unique identification number and, if that number matches the identification number already programmed in for that animal, it will unlock the flat. Your house is safe and your cat is free to walk in and out. There are also several modes, like Vet mode (the unit won’t let cat go out), Silent Mode (no beeping when cat enters) etc.

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