Amazing success stories – DripCatch by Alexandra Abraham

Amazing success stories

In May 2010, Alexandra Abraham was working as a waitress in a luxury hotel Salish Lodge in Washington State. She slipped on the wet floor and fell on her back. Abraham was furious, because she encountered with wet slippery floor in all restaurants where she ever worked.

To fight this problem Alexandra asked hers boss to install specials tank for drops that fell from the shelves with freshly washed dishes. When he said that there was no such thing, Abraham did not believe it and was exploring the Internet for 3 months looking for such device. She didn’t find any and decided to make I herself. It is just a black plastic tray measures 50 by 50 cm that can be firmly fastened to the shelves, which are then placed inside the industrial dishwashers. A Chinese manufacturer has agreed to create a prototype that Abraham called DripCatch.

Lawsuits in American restaurants due to fall on wet floors are about $ 2 billion, so pallets worth $50 were in demand. Abraham quickly gained the support of well-known chef in Seattle, Tom Douglas, who said of DripCatch: «It’s great to find a product that will make you slap yourself on the head and thought,” Great! This is just what we need! “. His assistance helped Abraham build investment of $ 81,000.

But it wasn’t that easy to start a business. Abraham had to work on two jobs to pay the bills. After another problem with the Chinese manufacturers, she decided to work with the American company that could produce pallets in smaller quantities and at a cost of $3 less.

In May 2012 DripCatch was shown at a trade show of the National Restaurant Association in Chicago. Abraham has sold 600 DripCatches and expects that total sales for 2012 will reach the amount of $ 1 million. That’s one of those amazing success stories that motivate an aspiring entrepreneur, showing that there’s nothing impossible when you see the aim and ignore the obstacles!

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