Business and charity – weird hotel in Sweden

business and charity

To become homeless in Sweden you’ll have to pay. Yes, it’s not a joke! Sweden is now in the international weird travel movement with the offer for adventurous and daring travelers who are sated with luxury and comfort. Such travelers are more than welcomed to visit Gotheburg’s odd hotel Faktum Hotels.

«Faktum Hotels» in Gothenburg takes money for an opportunity to experience all the “delights” of homeless life. Once you book a room on the Internet, hotel administration picks up an exotic place where local homeless like to spend their nights. At the hotel’s official site there is a wide range of such spots: dark corners of city’s park, public toilet in an abandoned mill, sidewalk long the canal etc.

To make a choice of “location” for your overnight easier and quicker, website presents a fascinating description of each of offered sites. So, for example, sleeping under a bridge near a busy road “you can feel the pulse of the city from early morning until late at night” and sleeping on the pier, you will enjoy spectacular views of the river.

weird hotel

The cost of such accommodation is about $15/ per night and it is most often bought as a gift for friends. This business idea might seem weird and unpromising, but the hotel has already received more than 1,000 booking requests. All payments for this unusual accommodation will be transferred to the fund that supports homeless and socially disadvantaged citizens.

This unique hotel business is owned by a local advertising agency and newspaper Faktum, which thus is trying to draw public attention to the problems of homeless people in the city. And also to raise funds to help those who really have to spend the nights out in the streets. According Faktum Hotels website Gothenburg has about 3,400 homeless citizens.

This is a great combination of business and charity , so, hopefully, project will last for long and brings lots of benefits to both travelers and city’s homeless people.

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