Top 5 tools to build up your online brand

online brand

Following my previous article on how to create an online brand, I bring you another portion of useful tips on self-positioning in world wide web. These 5 simple tools will help you to build up an online identity and increase the credibility of your online brand.

1. Dine with influential entrepreneurs
These days it’s not that complicated to set up a dinner meeting with a business professional that might share his knowledge with you. Use such services as Let’s Lunch and GrubWithUs and set up your own online network dinners with influential business people.
Let’s Lunch is a generator of lunch meetings face to face, which connects people using the following criteria: reputation, influence, interests. Currently this service is only available to residents of New York, Silicon Valley and San Francisco.
GrubWithUs allows you to join a group lunch or to create one yourself.

2. Guest Posts
Hunt blogs in your field and give them ideas for posts. Each blog has its own style and theme, so make sure that your posts are relevant. Be prepared to work with editors, if necessary. Alltop and Technorati – that’s where you need to start looking for top blogs in your area of expertise.

3. Find the most influential users of social network
And offer them your services or products for free for further positive review. People who have hundreds and even thousands of Facebook or Twitter followers can provide you with a word of mouth advertising that will bring your business to a new level.
When Marc Girolimetti, the owner of a small company and active social network user, was choosing for a car to buy, he got a call on behalf of Alan Mulally – CEO of Ford Motor. Ford offered him to test drive a new car. As a result Girolimetti not only bought the car, but also wrote a great review in his social network accounts, leaving very positive feedback about the car and the company.

4. Set up a Google Alerts for your name

This free service lets you know when people say something about you online. Google Alerts will send you an email each time when your name is tracked on the Internet. Check all the links, evaluate what people write about you and make your conclusions. Besides, thus you can always track when someone leaves negative feedback about your services, contact this person and settle things down. Keep your online image as positive as possible and your business reputation will be impeccable!
Besides, studying Internet reviews will help you determine whether your work is efficient, meet your client’s requirements and whether your efforts are on target.

5. Write book reviews
Write reviews of books relevant to your business field and expertise for online booksellers, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. These reviews will add credibility to your online brand. Besides, quality book reviews are usually picked up and published on other bookseller sites that significantly increase your search results.

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