Self-positioning: 10 ways to create your online brand


Every entrepreneur strives to spread a word about himself in the Internet and to improve an online presence of his/her personal brand in worldwide web. Through online presence you gain customers, partners and investors credibility by making yourself available and demonstrating your personality and experience. Creation of online brand is not an easy process, but today there are many ways to direct you to the right path. Below I offer 10 proven techniques of self-positioning in Internet that will help your brand to find place in the sun even in the overcrowded online market.

1. Media Relations
If news article link to your social network profile or personal site, it demonstrates your credibility. Such activity is a free way to advertise yourself. There are several tools that unite journalists with those who want to get such links.
HARO – this is a database that connects reporters with new sources.
FlackList – it’s a Rolodex through which media and experts interact with each other.
Media Kitty – a network connecting journalists and sources.
This is also a great tool of brand engagement for your business.

2. Short URL user
A great way to get your name on the network is your own tool to shorten URLs. If you often send links to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, then it is very useful. Eric Rice is a shining example of the use of this tool. When Rice shares links he uses his own template to shorten URL –

3. Questions and answers services (Q & A)
Sharing thoughts on the Q&A websites of questions and answers is a good way to bring credibility to the name. You can choose from a variety of websites, but one of the most influential so far is Quora.

4. Profiles in social networks
Be active in social networks. The important point is to set up your profiles to use social networking in your professional interests.
The following are some of the best sites on which to focus: Personal Landing Page
Facebook: a valuable way to stay connected with fans
LinkedIn: business network
Twitter: a way to attract and expand your influence through discussions
Disqus: allows you to share your knowledge with the help of comments

5. Participation in offline events
Participation in offline events is another great way to spread influence. Here you can easily find a list of interesting events in your area:
Meetup: Join a group of people that interest you, and then meet up in person.
Plancast: You can see which events your friends are attending.

6. Social signatures in e-mail
Make email signature more informative. When you send and receive e-mails people can easily find out more information about you.
WiseStamp is a popular plug-in for creating labels, which allows you to create signature graphic symbols, RSS-channels etc.

7. Create a brand-charged E-Signature for email communications.
Along with your contact information, include a personal brand tagline. Add links to your personal blog, website/career portfolio, and/or online social networking profile (see advice below). Make it easy for people to get to accurate online information about you.

8. Virtual business cards
Create a virtual business card, so that people would easily find you and share your information with others. There are many ways to do this:
MiniCard: purchase a domain name and create a business card.
QR-code: Give people the opportunity to simply scan your unique QR-code, instead of handing out paper cards.
Twtbizcard: This site allows you to turn your Twitter profile into a business card.
Bump: This is a program that allows you to be in touch with people through mobile devices.

9. Newsletters
Sending monthly newsletters allows you to create a large network of business contacts. If you send your recipients valuable content, they will share it with their friends. This will give you new subscribers and supporters. If you are doing a good job, your contact lists grows.

10. Get involved in blogging.
Search engines love blogs because the content is relevant and constantly updated. Comment and guest blog on relevant blogs and/or consider starting your own blog. Blogging is a great way to share your expertise, build community, and position yourself as a niche expert. It is probably the best way to build credibility and will exponentially increase your search results and visibility.

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