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hi tech business

Japan is a homeland of many hi tech business ideas. Their creativity and technology is far beyond of what Western world has to offer. Besides, Japanese people, although being quite tradition in their everyday life, are very open-minded and accept with enthusiasm new technical appliances, toys and gadgets. Good for them and good for me, as my “High tech business ideas” directory is completed with new jems on a regular basis.

A new unique photo studio has opened its doors in Tokyo. Omote 3D project was created by Japanese creative agency Party. These guys doesn’t make regular studio photos, it creates miniature painted figurines of customers. Anyone can come to Omote 3D and make a miniature version of himself with incredible details. Customers can choose between 3 sizes10 inches, 15 inches and 20 inches.

hi tech business

To get a miniature copy, customer should stand still for fifteen minutes, while being scanned. Next step is a shape modeling and filling up of parts that lack data. Then specialists retouch the texture and adjust color tones. Because of the inability of 3D-printer to create fine details, Omote 3D team advise clients not to wear glasses, fur and clothing from patterned fabric (such as stripes or polka dots.) Three-dimensional model is printed in color.

Booths is installed in the Eye of Gyre Gallery in Tokyo’s Harajuku. Prices for figurines start from 21 thousand yen (about $224) for the smallest one. Although the price is quite high, the project is experiencing huge popularity. First of all because such figurine is a perfect gift, unique and memorable. And also because Japanese have a long tradition of collecting small figurines of anime characters. Now, they can collect not only the abstract characters, but also create a collection of their friends, relatives and loved ones.

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