How to start a coach business?

coach business

If you are an experienced professional in any field, have experience in workshop and meeting management and are willing to share your knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs, then you’ve got all it takes to start a coach business.

Coaching is a method of consulting or training that is quite different from the classical train consulting, because a coach does not give advices and or step-by-step instructions. He’s looking for solutions together with the customer. It is also not a usual psychological session as these are aimed at getting rid of a symptom, while work with a coach is necessary to achieve a certain goal, new positive results in life and work.

First step in starting a coaching business is a special course. You’ll need it even if you have some basic psychological education, because coaching has its own methods and techniques. At the end of the course you will get a certificate that allows you to conduct coaching sessions.

Next step is to find a place for sessions. Renting an office and paying a monthly fee might result quite expensive. So you better find meeting rooms for hire that you can use whenever needed and pay only for the time when the room was used. You might find this site useful in your search.

A rate for your session will grow as your client base gets wider and your authority gets widely recognized. For a start you can even offer free of charge coaching sessions with one condition – leave a positive feedback in social networks if client is content with your services. Thus you’ll attract new clients and get free of charge advertising. Guest posts and articles for different media is also a good way to spread a word about yourself.

For the last few years coaching has become a very popular method of self-development, so if you do things right and show a responsible approach to your work, than your business is doomed to success.

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