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fashion business ideas

We are used to see pretty people in films, on TV and in magazines. All faces are so beautiful, so alike, that only a non-standard and even shocking face can get noticed. And that’s exactly what fashion gurus from London use as a model for their successful business.

Ugly Models Agency is not new to the market. It was founded more than 40 years ago and is extremely successful till now on. Models working in this agency are not the most traditional-looking, but it still would be wrong to call them ugly. And their non-standard images are very popular. At the Ugly Models Agency site you can find a variety of characters: gangsters, dwarfs, oldies, fatties, with tattoos all over, with silly faces, steroid strokes etc. Agency’s collection even features some people from the Guinness Book, like the tallest man in the world Kesen Sultan or Elaine Davidson, the woman with the most body piercings.

The doors of the Ugly Models Agency is opened to any adult, if he or she boasts something unique. Currently agency lists more than a thousand models.

At the dawn of its existence, in 1969, the agency has placed advertisements and that was their first and the last time. They didn’t need any advertising ever since. Company’s models appeared in Bond films, television series and commercials, on prints made by Marks and Spencer, Calvin Klein. They also were invited to such magazines as Vogue, Bizarre Magazine and others. This proves that people are actually a bit tired of the fake glamorous reality that modern mass media imposes for many decades. There is a strong business trend for unusual and non-standard characters, that seem to get even stronger in the next few years. This is definitely a fuel for thought and an idea for potential business.

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