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When traveling by air, we have to check-in our luggage and lose sight of it. Even if everything valuable is in the hand luggage with you on board, there is still a sense of anxiety and fear to find out that your suitcase was lost on the way. U.S. company GlobaTrac started an interested high tech business that’s aimed to solve this potential problem.

Company plans to enter the market of unique gadgets with their innovative device Trakdot. This gadget in the size of a cigarette pack, fits in a suitcase, monitors its location, and informs its owner via messages or e-mails. Using iOS and Android application you can even check suitcase’s location on the map via Trakdot.com.

To start using Trakdot, you must register on the website to connect your phone number with the device. You can connect your Trakdot to various numbers as well as connect various Trakdot devices to one number.

The most important characteristic of the tracker is that it works inside any building where mobile connection is available. It’s a serious advantage, as many tracking devices (for instance those, which protect cars from theft), work only outside. Manufacturers promis that one set of batteries will work for two weeks, which is sufficient to locate and deliver your suitcase from any airport in the world.

Trakdot will be on sale from March at a suggested price of $ 49.95. Additionally you’ll have to pay $ 8.99 for device activation. There’s also an annual payments of $ 12.99, that is required because company uses the services of mobile operators.

Frankly, there’s nothing very innovative in this business idea. It is still the same old tracking device, but aimed to fulfill new functions. And that’s the “raisin”! So, it seems that this idea still have potential for further development, as there are much more things, besides cars and bags, that could be tracked. For instance, I’m pretty sure that young moms across the world would appreciate a little tracker inside a baby stroller. Deep inside any mother is afraid that her baby can be robbed while she’s not looking at the stroller, reading a booking or washing dishes while her kid is inside the stroller in the garden etc. And that’s only the first idea that came into my mind. Think it over and maybe soon I’ll be posting an article on another unusual tracking device.

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