Small business trends 2013

small business trends 2013

Each year small business owners are facing one and the same problem – what is the way to develop their business and what other business opportunities are out there? I don’t have a crystal ball, but all the observations and analysis of the new companies that appeared in 2012 show several tendencies.

Here are the five small business trends 2013 that will significantly impact business this year.

1. “Crowdsolving”
Small business owners face lots of problems while developing new projects. Instead of relying to traditional ways of solving problems, entrepreneurs address to innovative organizations like X Prize Foundation. Such organizations create competitions that reward disparate groups of individuals to collaborate and create innovative solutions in ways that had not previously been possible. You can even ask your customers, employees and partners to act as community and there is big chance that they will come up with unique solution.

2. Technologies to improve human contact
Lots of technologies for business that were presented over last few years were working on solving three main goals: make us more efficient, develop contact with thousands of people all across the world without a personal contact and to do more with less human interaction.
Such technologies like online scheduling and meeting, online health monitoring etc. will be on the edge in 2013.

3. Content-filtering
Content-filtering services become absolutely efficient as we all are drowning in tones of information. Times of “more content is better content” are over. People want to get what they need and when they need it and are willing to pay for it.

4. Visual content
The popularity of such services as Pinterest, Pinvolve and other proves that people are eager to get visual content. Web designers that have noticed this trend already opt for sites that combine visual presentation of information with simple and clear design that don’t distract from the main things. Data visualization will become a renewed art and profitable business.

5. Tablet optimization
While everyone was focused on optimizing everything for the mobile device, customers has quickly switched on the tablets.
The new generation of mini tablets are going to impact responsive design and what we’ve been calling mobile devices. They will see a huge jump in server logs and become the design standard for mobile content. That doesn’t mean mobile phone size browsers aren’t important, it means there will eventually need to be a divide in how we address tablets vs. phones.

These sure are only theories and small business trends might quickly change. Yet these 5 trends appear to be quiet significant at the moment, so it sure is worth to evaluate whether your business can benefit from them.

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