Subscription business model – Bambox hobby set

subscription business model

Luckily, not all the big city residents with a stable job and salary in the evenings and on weekends become sleepy TV-zombies. Some still keep their curiosity and desire to learn new things. These people are potential customers of Amabam service. This unique business is ready to teach everyone new skills and offers to master new hobbies. It is based on subscription business model which is so popular in many business areas.

Service subscribers can choose from a variety of set courses Bamboxes and then receive monthly packages for self-study. Each box contains an instructions, billets, tools, etc., necessary for the gradual development of a new hobby. If a customer realizes that this hobby doesn’t excite him anymore, he can easily change the course.

The project is now set to launch and only three subscription hobbies are currently on the list: creating a comic book, part-time study for a home bartender and stone-cutting works. Terms of mastering a hobby – 4 and 6 months, which means that subscribers will receive 4 and 6 training sets, respectively. Customers are promised a full immersion in the chosen topic and the final “exam ” at the end of the course.

This is an interesting business idea and the main advantages I see are:

  • Huge potential audience of customers;
  • Comfortable learning format;
  • The ability to offer innovative training courses, which never existed before.

But there are also drawbacks, such as:

  • Self-paced new hobby require motivation and dedication, which we usually lack;
  • Home study is good for introverts who do not need to communicate, extraverts will lack a social aspect of hobby.

And yet, I wish all the good luck to the guys from Amabam!

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