Hot business trends 2013

business trends 2013

In the beginning of each year I try to make an analysis of business processes and tendencies in the past year as well as predictions from reliable business media and economists. All this helps me to make conclusions on what business trends are going to rule the international business society. This year I have noticed five main tendencies that seem to become fundamental for business in 2013. Here they are:

1. Competition vs. collaboration

Eternal competition and opposition in business changes for collaboration. In other words, it is time for cooperation between competitors. This means the ability to create joint projects, based on trust and common purpose. This is not a joint business or partnership, it is a much more simple form og relations: people truly do what they like, working on a joint project that promises profits for both parts. They have common goal and share knowledge to enter new markets, develop innovative products, services and technologies.

2. Business processes diversity and variety

The majority of online retailers has already understood that selling a quality product and ensuring a good tech-support is not enough to win a place in the sun. In 2013 e-shops will not only represent a showcase for goods, but they will also become social clubs, training centers, sources for entertainment for customers. Customization of goods is also a hot trend since 2011 and up to this day.

3. Global mobility and decentralization – hot business trends 2013

People are increasingly losing touch with the area that they live in. Freedom of action and movement becomes an essential part of our everyday lives. Mobile phones, gadgets, online payment processing systems are no longer a surprise, but the ability to work any time and in any place – that’s something relatively new. Scientists unanimously declare that in 2013 mobility will reach employment market and more and more people will switch to remote work.

4. Infographics to gain the world in 2013

Graphic format of presenting the information is becoming extremely popular both in mass media and in business society. It’s effectiveness and simplicity is evident. New generation, active people between 20 and 30 can hardly perceive information in text format. Companies have to use graphics even for work instructions for their employees. And when one needs to explain complex information to a customers, for example, advantages of using the “smart home” system, visual packaging of content is absolutely indispensable.

5. Corporate Philosophy vs. Business with a “human face”

Investors and shareholders are no longer willing to deal with indifferent business empires. Due to this fact more and more companies revise their philosophy and model work, become more opened and frank. Companies are moving away from the simple production and are looking for partners to address social and economic problems, implement green technologies, start charity projects etc.

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