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food business

For many men and women cooking is a favorite hobby. The inspiration comes when walking around the market and choosing fresh grocery, when watching a culinary TV-show or reading an interesting recipe. Creative entrepreneurs from Moscow decided to use this to create a very special food business and their decision turned out to be a truly winning one!

Culinary service “Joy of cooking” («Радость приготовления») is aimed for those who love cooking, but have no time to look for new recipes and shop for grocery. The founder of this service is Irina Nazarova (Ирина Назарова) from Moscow. She says that “Joy of Cooking” company’s target auditory are mostly young couples, companies that organize cooking parties and men that are cooking dinner as a gift to their loved ones.

According to Irina, the idea of “Joy of Cooking” came after her sister bought a sets of ingredients for the wok in one supermarket in Thailand, chopped vegetables and meat. In those days Irina was working in finance, and cooking was of a pleasant way to relax, to do something simple and tangible, to stay at home alone with your loved one. And being a working woman she never had time nor desire to spend hours shopping the necessary ingredients. She understood that this is a very common situation and took a serious decision: quit her job and founded own business.

On “Joy of Cooking” homepage all ingredient kits are sold in packs, that are based on the number of portions (usually two). All the products are delivered along with the recipe and step by step instructions on how to make the chosen dish. Currently products are delivered only within Moscow, but soon service will expand to the cities and districts around the city.

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