Restaurant business idea – musical sandwich for take away

restaurant business idea

It is a well known fact that pleasant music during a meal improves our mood and digestion. But restaurants with quality music and affordable lunch menu is not a very common thing. But it turns out there’s another way to combine music therapy and meal.

Citizens of Porto (Portugal) can now get a tasty lunch and listen to a pleasant music in a newly opened place in the city center. Soundwich is a unique restaurant that sells 7 types of gourmet sandwiches in a special packaging – a music box. The range includes such ingredients as cheese, apples, pork, spinach, raisins, walnuts, avocado, mango, tomatoes, sardines, and much more. It is reported that sandwich recipes were specially prepared by local Porto chefs. They have also chosen the music accompaniment for each sandwich: jazz sketches, retro hits, classical music pieces. Price of one sandwich in a music box is 7.5 euros.

This original restaurant business idea can actually be developed further. I think it is time to stop selling birthday cakes in boring cardboard boxes and substitute them with musical boxes, performing a “Happy Birthday” song. Same with drinks – why would choose a proper accompaniment for a quality wine? Tango tunes for red wine from Argentina, opera pieces performed by Pavarotti for Italian white wines etc. At least for me it sounds absolutely gorgeous!

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