Original business idea – cardboard boxes vs. toys

Original business idea

Our kids, just like adults, are highly dependent on gadgets. Video chats, computer games etc. have become a much more interesting thing then craft or “offline” games. It means that children nowadays are only consumers of what older generation has created. Can they become creators themselves one day? This question was aroused by creators of Mr Imagine’s Toy Store. This shop only sold cardboard boxes, and children are encouraged to do something with these boxes, whatever they like, thus stimulating their imagination and craft skills.

Owners of Mr Imagine’s Toy Store called it the most wonderful shop in the world, because there kids could get any toys that have ever existed or still exist. All that was required is to take plain simple cardboard boxes, glue, scissors, embellishments and use imagination. As a result, kids themselves could create anything that their heart desired: dinosaurs, cars, houses and much more. They took an active part in creating the environment around them.

I write “sold”, “could”and “called” because Mr Imagine’s Toy Store lasted for only nine days. This project was implemented by the Chicago Children’s Museum and now the creations of its little visitors form part of an exhibition Unboxed: Adventures in Cardboard. But this could as well become a profitable business, because as museum’s experience showed, children were crazy about creating toys from cardboard boxes. And no doubts that if such shop (or workroom) existed, their parents would be happy to pay for the fun of their kids.

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