Green business – “ugly” greenery for sale

food business idea

Looking at the shelves of German supermarkets you get a real aesthetic pleasure: radish of bright red color with ideal circle shape, pepper is all of the same size and an even color without streaks, etc. Not all agricultural products are like this, but the shops except only those fruits and vegetables that suit their standards, and the remains are sent to farmers to feed animals, for seedlings or even left to rot. Two German women felt that such extravagance is unacceptable.

Tanja Krakowski and Lea Brumsack opened a shop & restaurant on wheels where they only sell fruits and vegetables with irregular shapes and also prepare dishes with those non-ideal products. This place is called Culinary Misfits. Currently this restaurant only exists as a moving place for fairs and festivals, but young entrepreneurs are raising money to open such place in Berlin. It is estimated that in spring 2013 it will open its doors for first customers.

Culinary Misfits philosophy is to fully use the gifts of nature. Entrepreneur tandem wants people to think about their consumption and reduced the amount of waste. Tanja and Lea are happy to buy from local farmers their fresh greenery that was denied by major retail stores. “Tripod” carrot, bent cucumbers, tiny strawberries – everything is good as soon as it is fresh and tasty.

Culinary Misfits stand out among all the shops and cafes. Their unique business concept attract people who live green lifestyle and care about nature and its resources. Economic considerations are also taken into account – “ugly” products can be purchased from farmers for a cheaper price. All in all this sustainable business seems to catch the hot trend of “go green” and therefore it will surely make its way to customers’ hearts.

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