Innovative business – Go Dutch Bill

innovative business

It’s a common thing for friends to go out together for a drink or dinner and then split the bill. But the process of splitting it can become a disaster as usually no one really bothers to remember how many Margaritas he or she had and what did he order for a starter. And the more people there are at the table, the more complicated it gets to calculate how much each one has to pay.

Go Dutch Bill, an automatic billing system designed by Szu-Yu Liu from US, is there to solve the problem. The system sorts out all orders according to the names of clients and then issue a splitable bill with perforated edges between every name. Each member of the group simply has to grab the tab with his order and pay accordingly.

This system is awesome! So many times in my life I was faced with necessity to split the bill and had to take out my mobile phone, open a calculate and spend my time on calculating while I could spend it much better chatting with friends. The weak side of this business idea is that Go Dutch Bill system might result to be quiet expensive, so I doubt it will become very popular. But still I hope for it so much!

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