Top 5 world’s most unusual jobs

unusual job

World is full of people doing strange job. Some of them are quiet disgusting, others – weird, yet well paid. I’ve already posted “Top 5 world’s most unusual professions” and “Top 10 most bizarre professions”, but here’s another portion of what we call strange job.

Nr. 1 Actor for haunted house
unusual job
Some actors perform on stage, some appear in movies, some makes us laugh and others – cry. But there are actors whose stage is a coffin or dark corner in a haunted house and their job is to make us scared. They wear ghastly makeup and never get any applause, but I heard that the payment is not so bad after all.

Nr. 2 Bingo announcer/ Bingo caller

unique jobs
They are an essential part of the game of bingo, keeping the audience amused and alert as well as adding some humour into the game. Unusual profession, indeed!

Nr. 3 Rodeo clown
unique jobs
A rodeo a performer who works on bull riding contests. His primary job is to protect the rider from the bull after he dismounts or is bucked off, by distracting the bull and providing alternative targets for the bull to chase. Unusual job for hazardous people.

Nr.4 Stand-in bridesmaid
unusual profession
When a bride doesn’t have enough girlfriends she can count on a stand-in bridesmaid – an attractive lady at around the age of a bride who will line up behind the bride on her wedding. Weird job, but it gets more and more popular.

Nr. 5 Sewer Inspector
Unique jobs
This job involves carrying out assessment and repair of clogged pipes and passage ways while enduring the fragrance that flows through the underbelly.

People working in this field can expect human excreta, cockroaches, rats and various other things that people dump down their flushes as part of their routine encounters at work. Pretty disgusting, ah?

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