Perfect winter business idea

winter business

Two students from Saint-Petersburg invented a perfect, extremely low cost business for winter season – they have made an ice hill from old flat tires.

These guys collected all the flat tires they could find and heaped them up. They covered this pile with snow and started to pour water on it until it was frozen and turned into quiet a long twisted „hill”. A ride on this hill costs less then half a euro, but for additional 15 RUB (~0.50 EUR) visitors could rent a plastic plate which made a descent more high-speed, comfortable and amusing.

They built their first ice hill in 2006-2007 and it was a very successful business idea. They invested less then 25 000 RUB (~ 740 EUR) which were returned quiet soon. And by the end of the season their pure profit was 90 000 RUB (~ 2640 EUR). All these finances they plan to invest in construction of new ice hills for 2007-2008 and development of additional services like selling fast-food and hot drinks at the bottom of the hill (something similar to apres-ski) etc.

The only obstacle they can meet on their way – warm and dry winter, but I really hope that weather won’t spoil such a great winter business idea!

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