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How to make money on Instagram

December 12th, 2013

make money on Instagram

Instagram started as a closed community for iPhone owners back in 2010. Since then it launched the app for Android devices, evolved and I would even say conquered the world. You can hardly find someone who doesn’t know about this social network. But what the majority of people, both instagramers and non-instagramers, are not aware of is that Instagram is a great place to be for aspiring entrepreneurs because there is a great way to make money on Instagram.
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how to start bingo parlor

Things to Consider When Putting Up A Small Business

Putting up a business is a big risk and there’s more at stake than just your monthly bingo budget. There are many things to consider before putting up your own business – from its location to its target market. Many women nowadays don’t settle for just being a housewife because of the economic crisis. The best way they can contribute financially is by having their own business that allows them to still have time to tend to their families. Based on a report published by, women only account for 34.4% of the self-employed in Europe as compared to 38% in the United States.
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unique hotels of the world

Sydney, Australia now host a truly unique hotel that goes along with one of the hottest current trends – love for Instagram! Designed with the modern, photography-loving traveler in mind 1888 Hotel was named in honor of the year in which Kodak has launched its first box-camera. The whole idea of the hotel as well as its interior appeals to this social network addicts.
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marketing tricks

Many wine companies are ready for almost anything to draw customers’ attention to their product. Those, who have large budgets spend thousands and hundreds of thousands on advertising and promotion while smaller market player have to be creative and ingenious to beat such competitors. And one of the best marketing tricks is to choose a catchy and maybe even bizarre name for your product. This will guarantee that it will at least be noted. So, here are some good examples of this unique marketing strategy!
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women business ideas

Just like many other women business ideas, this one appeared when Annie Tandy faced a problem. She first tried to find an existing solution on the market, but when it became obviously that there is no such product, Annie did what she had to do – involved in business.
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business trends 2013

As we all know, trendwatching is one of the main keys to business success. If you keep track of changes and innovations in he field of your expertise and analyze them, then you can easily predict how things are going to run in the nearby future. You can spot some promising business ideas, feel that some businesses are about to face the crisis etc. This is why once in a while I try to provide you with useful information on hot business trends. Today I prepared a short review of the most important business trends 2013 that will effect business community in the upcoming decade.
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caricature cake toppers

Cake Top Characters company runs a truly unique business – sells personalized caricature wedding cake toppers and caricature cake toppers for all occasions. Highly detailed, fun and really unique. Figurines are made from nontoxic clay and can be kept forever as a funny souvenir or a special gift. After hours of sculpting, each figure is hand-painted, adding little touches such as facial hair or lip gloss. Props and costumes help make toppers truly personal.
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